The Sports Cards Academy • Introductory Course •

Modern Sports Cards 101

Taught by Professional Sports Cards Investor Jamison Long

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    Make Money Investing like the Pros
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    Step-by-Step Card Targeting and Purchasing Tutorials
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    Learn the most common early mistakes and how to avoid them
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    Members Only Q&A With the Professor
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    Bonus Footage - Inside the Professors Collection
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    Bonus Footage - Ripping Packs with The Professor
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    RC, PSA, RPA, 1 of 1, Break, MINT, Parallel, Foil, BGS, Insert and So Many More!

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Here's what people are saying...

“I had no idea what I was doing but I love sports. I sat down and watched the course in a day and I revisit all the time because there's so much info to review. I could not be happier with the information and content in this course.”

San Diego, CA

“...tons of information, great examples that allow me to understand words to visuals and really grasp some card investing fundamentals.”


“Always loved sports and have always been able to spot talent in a league early. Sports cards hobby actually allows me to profit from that and enjoy it even more. I never realized how much there was to learn and how each set, brand is different and what cards to go after. After purchasing this course and spending an afternoon on it I can't imagine getting involved in investing without it.”


“Tons of info in the course. Had to watch it 3 times and take notes and I still hear new things every time. Prof. Long has great insights and so cool that he does this for a living. What a dream.”


“Great videos, great content, tons of extra bonus stuff. Watching the professor open a box and speak to each card in the box alone was worth the price of admission.”


“Prof. Long consulted me on a recent football card purchase, that tripled my return in a little over 2 months. His course is worth every penny and then some! His insight is invaluable to every card investor and enthusiast.”


MSC-101 Curriculum

  • Professor Long Introduction and Bio

  • MSC-101 Course Curriculum Overview

  • MSC-101 Introduction Q&A

  • Leading Brands and Brand to Sport Exclusive Deals

  • Card Types and Variations

  • Cards and Card Sets Q&A

  • Hobby vs. Retail Products

  • Packs vs. Breaks vs. Singles

  • Rookie and Prospect Cards

  • Numbered Cards and Scarcity

  • Pop Culture Impacts

  • Card Types to Target Q&A

  • Card Buying Rules

  • Card Buying Platforms

  • Card Buying Process Q&A

  • Card Grading History and Terms

  • Card Grading Companies

  • When Not to Grade

  • Not Pulling the Trigger

  • Forgetting Brand to Sport Licensing Deals

  • Helpful Online Resources

Watch as Professor Long opens several Hobby Boxes and discusses the products and pulls in real-time.

Follow along as Professor Long takes you on an End-to-End card purchasing journey. From initial targeting, research and purchase and everything in-between.

Professor Long gives you an in-depth look at some of his favorite cards from his own personal collection! You won't want to miss this chance to hear a Pro talk about his collection and passion for the hobby.

Meet Your Professor - Jamison Long

MSC-101, our flagship course is taught by full-time investor and collector, Jamison Long. Jamison quit his high-profile corporate job to take a chance on following his dream of becoming a professional Sports Cards Investor. He is now several years into that successful journey and couldn't be happier. He is passionate about empowering other Investor and Collector enthusiasts to follow their dreams in the hobby.

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